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Food Allergy First Steps: Coping with a Diagnosis for Your Child

Parents who learn that their child has a food allergy usually experience a mixture of disbelief and fear, especially as they learn more about the repercussions of the diagnosis. This is a chronic illness that can be life-threatening, so the reaction is to be expected. As a new parent in the food allergy world, there

Home Remedies for Constipation Immediate Relief

Constipation is one of the common causes of digestive disorder and more people are having this problem in these days. If you’re one them having a constipation problem and looking home remedies for constipation, then this section is really for you people. Here, I’m going to share you about few natural home remedies to get

Ways to Help Prevent Allergic Reactions

Allergies are a usual health issue that people face. A person’s immune system might not deal with several things in the environment properly and this problem takes place. You and a few people may react differently while some might not be afflicted. Although various things cause them, they can be handled in general. Listed below

Can Plantar Fasciitis Be Cured?

Plantar fasciitis results from the inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a strong bone that runs from middle foot bone to the heel. It acts as a shock absorber in the foot and supports the arch. What Causes? It is caused by repetitive injury of the fascia, which can be due to long hours