Does Throwing Up Help You Lose Weight?

Often when people are trying to lose weight, they end up being frantic in their efforts. Nothing seems to be out of bounds for them as long as it takes them closer to their goal of losing weight.

One of the most common tactics which some people tend to employ is self-induced vomiting.

The concept that throwing up leads to reduced weight is quite simple. When you vomit, the food content that you ingested leaves your body. Thus, fat does not get an opportunity to accumulate. As simple as it sounds, the truth is that this is far from reality.

Throwing up would not ultimately lead to weight loss but would instead cause weight gain over time.

The truth about the effects of throwing up

There is no denying that in the initial days, you might feel your weight getting reduced. However, this is due to the dehydration that occurs because of excessive vomiting.

A study was conducted at the Cornell University, there were 18 women suffering from bulimia who were asked to induce vomit in themselves. At the same time, a close check was kept on their caloric intake. According to the results of the study, even if you throw up all the food that you ingest, your body would still retain at least half the calories you consumed.

There are other mechanisms as well which play a role in restricting the effect of self-induced vomiting on weight loss.

When you limit the food that your body is provided with, the metabolic rate of your body slows down as it does not have enough nutrients to function in a normal manner. Owing to this, the calories you intake are converted into fat stores.

Vomiting also increases your cravings which, in turn, leads to the consumption of more food.

Side effects

There are a number of side effects which would come your way if you endeavor to lose weight by means of throwing up. One of the most detrimental ones is dehydration. This occurs due to excessive vomiting.

The electrolyte imbalance can also have a vast range of effects on your bodily functions and may even result in death. Problems such as lethargy and kidney failure can also occur.

Thus, while it is good to make an attempt to lose weight, it is important that you do things the right way.